Top 5 Best shoes for flat feet

The market is full of a variety of shoes of different colors, styles, sizes, and types. But determining the best pair of shoes that will perfectly fit with your feet can be a difficult task. Before starting to find the pair of shoe you should determine what kind of feet do you have? Most of the people have either flat feet or arched feet.

Most of the shoe brands create the footwear for arched feet but there are very few brands that create the footwear for flat feet. For peoples with flat feet might have encountered various times when they could not find any footwear that fits the best with their feet. If you are still wondering that what kind of your feet do you have then just look for the following indications:

• If your feet have a slight arch which prohibits it from touching the ground then it is arched feet.
• If your feet completely touch the ground then this type of feet are flat feet.

Apart from these two types, there may be certain people who have absolute flat feet i.e. feet with the very smaller arch. Once you have confirmed that what type of feet you have then start searching for the respective shoes. Some of the best shoes for the flat feet are:

1. Brooks Adrenaline: These are the shoes that are specially made for running. These shoes are specially designed for flat feet and they have an extra midsole that creates a cushion and provides makes you more comfortable and increases stability. It is among the various version of the Brooks, but it is best for flat feet. The best thing about using this footwear is they are lightweight, the upper part of the shoe is redesigned and various shades are available.
2. Asics Gel Kayano: Asics is among the best shoe brands. With its research and development team, they have come up with the best shoes for the people with flat feet. Asics Gel Kayano can help the people suffering from overpronation. This model is upgraded with improved fit, better shock absorption and moreover, they are highly durable. This footwear is perfect for long distance training. But there have been various customer reviews that they are not much flexible.
3. Mizuno Wave Inspire 14: For runners, shoes should be comfortable as well as durable. Mizuno Wave Inspire 14 will be the perfect choice for this scenario. These are listed among the best shoes. These shoes reduce the direct pressure of your body from falling on your feet. Best parts of this are these shoes have securely locked heel which makes it fitter and they have very soft cushioning.
4. New Balance Vongo V2: New Balance Vongo has replaced many brands on the market. As all the New Balance shoes, they are lightweight comfortable, breathable which can make your running experience comfortable and relax for your feet. Apart from their durability, quality, comfort and worth cost these shoes have been reported to sock slipped which causes rubbing.
5. Nike Lunar Gilde 9: Among the list of giant companies in footwear business Nike has always be among the top. This footwear has the best quality in the entire market and they are highly durable. Apart from this, its reviews are always positive. It also has Lunarlon cushioning system which uses two types of foam for greater comfort.